The ICA is proud to announce that the American Correctional Association has chosen Sherie Arriazola, a graduate of the University of  Illinois/Chicago's Criminology, Law, and Justice program and currently a  graduate student at Northwestern University, as the recipient of the ACA's  Martin Luther King Scholarship for 2014.

The scholarship is an annual national competition that goes to a student  in the United States who best exemplifies Dr. King's belief that progress  should be achieved through cooperation rather than conflict, participation  rather than partisanship, and compassion and understanding rather than hatred  or conflict. Sherie will be awarded the scholarship in January, 2014 at the  ACA's winter conference.

Sherie has been a member of ACA/ICA for over five years. As an undergraduate, she single-handedly established a student chapter of  the American  Correctional Association at the University of Illinois/Chicago in 2008, and  was chapter's first president. She was
instrumental in making the UIC chapter the largest and most dynamic student  chapter in the country. The activities she organized centered on community involvement an mentoring at-risk juveniles, and she was an emphatic advocate  for promoting social justice in as a way of life, both at UIC and in the community.

At UIC, Sherie's studies focused on the  relationship between poverty and the impact it has on juveniles.  After graduation from UIC,  she received a highly competitive internship in the Illinois House of Representatives, where she was eventually given a
full-time position. Both her personal and professional experiences in the House made her realize that, to fight injustice, she would need a stronger background.  Realizing that her career goals would be best served by continuing her education, Sherie enrolled in graduate school at Northwestern University, and continues her efforts as a bridge-builder between diverse cultural and ethnic groups.

Sherie will use the scholarship as she works toward completion of her graduate degree. After graduation, she intends to pursue a career in public service, working especially with the disadvantaged.

The ICA congratulates Sherie for this prestigious honor, and we know that  it will encourage and motivate other Illinois students as they pursue careers in criminal justice.