A Welcome from the President


I am pleased to announce the Illinois Corrections Association (ICA) is back! In the last 7 years, the organization has been dormant. Approximately one year ago, a small group of interested members decided to devote time and effort in determining the status of the organization and what if anything could be done to return the organization to the prominence it once held. It began with the identification of the last known Officers. Contacts were made with Sergio Molina (President), Dennis Daugherty (Treasurer) and Donna Howell (Secretary). I want to thank each of them again as they provided valuable information and assistance during the period of transition. It continued with discussions being held with Correctional Executives (State, Federal & County), members, students and a host of interested parties. For example, IDOC Director Salvador Godinez was pleased to hear of this initiative and pledged his support. 

With this outpouring of positive response, Interim Officers were identified to serve as President (Jerry Butler), Vice President (Patrick Firman), Secretary (Jim Thomas) and Treasurer (Richard Hart). An Attorney and CPA were hired to ensure the transferring of funds and all legal requirements with both state and federal departments were being followed. We worked closely with the American Correctional Association (ACA) to reestablish a communication network on membership, dues and other pertinent information. Several meetings have been held involving the interim officers. A variety of topics have been discussed, minutes taken and actions initiated. 

Organizational by-laws have been updated. A new mission statement and logo was finalized. A web page has been created. Membership growth strategies, scheduling formal elections for officers, planning the initial training session/workshop and a host of start up activities have been on the agenda of these meetings. Needless to say the time and effort of the interim officers towards this initiative has been extensive. However, the progress made toward the goal of resurrecting ICA has been excellent.

In conclusion, spread the word ICA is back, encourage membership and continue being proud of the Corrections profession.

- Jerry Butler