A. LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE: It shall be the duty of the Legislative Committee to stimulate interest and activity in state and national legislation pertaining to local and state juvenile and criminal justice concerns; to maintain close ties with the American Correctional Association relating to legislative concerns; to review state legislation related to the professional concerns of Illinois Correctional Association members; and, to take whatever action is appropriate in support of the Association's purposes, subject to the approval of the President.

B. PUBLICATIONS/PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE: It shall be the duty of the Publication Committee to develop and publish an Association newsletter for the membership; to develop and publish public education materials and activities for the members; to gather and maintain criminal justice information on exemplary programs in and outside of Illinois; and, to disseminate such information upon request.

C. STANDARDS AND ACCREDITATION COMMITTEE: It shall be the duty of the Standards and Accreditation Committee to promote American Correctional Association Standards and Accreditation and to assist in local and state efforts at standards development and accreditation.

D. PROGRAM COMMITTEE: It shall be the duty of the Program Committee to plan a well coordinated program in harmony with the objectives of the Association and to select the date and site for the Association's Annual Conference.

E. NOMINATING COMMITTEE: It shall be the duty of the Nominating committee to coordinate the screening, selection, and election of nominees for all elected offices.

F. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: It shall be the duty of the Membership committee to promote participation in the Corporation and membership recruitment and retention.

G. BYLAWS COMMITTEE: It shall be the duty of the Bylaws Committee to review the Corporation's Bylaws and to propose whatever revisions appear necessary.

H. COMMITTEE ON INQUIRY: It shall be the duty of the committee on Inquiry to examine Association records and the books of the Treasurer annually and to submit a written report to the President and Board of Directors by the first Board meeting of the calendar year. The Committee report will also be presented to the membership at the next Annual Conference.